Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cross Country by Jozier

When I was running I came up to the top where we start to run. I was very very tired out because I ran three times and  couldn’t see where I was going because the sun was blocking my way from running around the court.   When I did four rounds I started to slow down and I was going to stop because I was tired.  I was happy because I saw all my friends.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cross Country by William

On cross country  I  came third and I was puffing. I did  great and there was these big boys in front of me. That was my best time ever.   

Seeds by Patrice

The  Pohutukawa team  went  to  Arataki.  We  ate  our lunch. Then we  got  some seeds and  threw  them  into  the  sky and they  landed  somewhere. Then  we went  into a  colourful  tunnel  and  then  we  went down  the  hill.  We  saw  some  big teenager  plants.  Then  we  planted  some  plants  and  had  a  race  of  not  dropping your  plant.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Art Festival by Hannah

I went to the art festival my daddy took me there. I found my  picture.  It was a poppy filled picture.  I felt good because it was a really good picture.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Cross Country by Dusty

I  went to cross country when it was our turn  I came 14th. I felt happy because I did better than before.

Swimming by Stella

I felt scared when Mrs Lawson was calling the name out, but when I came into the  pool I didn’t feel so scared any more.Then when I got into the pool I felt cold because it was like ice. In the end I came third.

Morning Tea by Marley

At   morning  tea  we  eat  and  play   with  our  friends  sometimes  some   people   play on the court and  field  and  some  boys  play  on  the  park.  Some   boys  play  on  the   flying  fox.  After  morning  tea  we  do  handwriting.  Today  the  whole  class  did  lower  case  k’s.  I like my  handwriting  because  I  think  it  is  neat.